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Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts

Toronto, Canada

Vibration analysis and control for building located adjacent to subway and streetcar lines. Work included site vibration survey and building isolation design.

Jazz at Lincoln Center

New York, New York

Measurement and evaluation of groundborne vibration and noise from NYCT subway trains. Building isolation design for Rose Theater to achieve the threshold of hearing.

Benaroya Hall – Seattle Symphony

Seattle, Washington

Measurement and evaluation of groundborne vibration and noise from trains operating in tunnel below site. Mitigation feasibility assessment and design of hall vibration and noise isolation.

Suzanne Roberts Theater

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Building isolation design for the performance hall of a small theater incorporated into a larger building, adjacent to a SEPTA subway line.

Sangnam Hall

Seoul, Korea

Groundborne noise and vibration study and building isolation design for performance hall above parking, adjacent to an office building tower and adjacent to a rail transit subway line.

Kimmel Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Groundborne vibration study/building isolation design for the Philadelphia Orchestra performance hall and Perelman Theater located adjacent to the SEPTA Broad Street rail subway.

Esplanade Theaters on the Bay


Groundborne vibration study and building isolation design for project adjacent to four subway tunnels. Isolation design for glass roof structure and lobby canopies.

Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT)

Los Angeles, California

Work included noise and vibration from rail transit, station acoustics, construction noise and vibration, and noise control for auxiliary facilities.

Bartók National Concert Hall

Budapest, Hungary

Evaluation of groundborne noise and vibration from operation of adjacent commuter rail and streetcar lines, and vibration isolation design.

Six Continents Hotel

Boston, Massachusetts

Isolation design for hotel/condo building located directly on top of roadway tunnel ventilation building that had large supply and exhaust fans creating high levels of structure-borne noise.

Theatre for a New Audience

Brooklyn, New York

Site groundborne noise and vibration study and measurements; development of the structural isolation design using natural rubber isolation bearings.

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Gary Glickman
Gary Glickman

Successful isolation on projects where potential sources of groundborne or structure-borne noise and vibration impacts.
  • Evaluate existing groundborne vibration and noise

  • Project expected vibration and noise

  • Determine isolation design requirements

  • Develop effective isolation designs

  • Provide detailed design, materials and specifications for isolation systems